23-25 September 2013
GEOMAR East shore
Europe/Berlin timezone
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A semi-empirical method to assess flow-slide probability

Presented by Dr. Geeralt VAN DEN HAM on 23 Sep 2013 from 12:15 to 12:30
Type: Oral presentation, full-paper
Track: Oral presentations


Flow-slides in submerged slopes in non-lithified sand and silt-sized sediments form a major threat for flood defences along (estuary) coastlines and riverbanks in the Netherlands. Flow slide is a complex failure mechanism including both soil mechanical and hydraulic features. Two important sub-mechanisms are static liquefaction and breaching. Both result in a flowing sand-water mixture, that eventually re-sediments under a gentle slope. Therefore, when analyzing historical flow slides it is often not clear to what extent static soil liquefaction and/or breaching played a role. This paper presents a practical, semi-empirical method for assessing dike failure probability due to flow-sliding. It is based on statistical information about documented historical flow slides, in which the results of complex theoretical models, describing physics of static liquefaction or breach-flow, are incorporated.


Location: GEOMAR East shore
Address: Wischhofstr. 1-3 / D-24148 Kiel
Room: Lecture Hall Geb. 8A

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