16-17 June 2014
Kunsthalle Kiel
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Description of the Long-lived Subsurface Mesoscale Eddy South of Cyprus

Presented by Mr. Daniel HAYES on 17 Jun 2014 from 12:40 to 13:00
Type: oral Presentation
Track: High resolution 4D oceanic measurements by gliders and process studies(physical and biogeochemical coupling, sub-mesoscale features, air-sea interactions,...)


Since systematic measurements of ocean temperature and salinity began south of Cyprus in 1995, evidence for the presence of an anti-cyclonic mesoscale eddy, known as the Cyprus eddy, has been consistently observed. Initially, the Cyprus Basin Oceanography (CYBO) ship-based hydrographic program found relatively warm, salty water in several castsat about 200-500 m depths. While not high enough in spatial resolution to observe the extent of the eddy, it was unmistakably the dominant feature of the region. Surrounded by the Mid-Mediterranean Jet, which is found in the eddy's periphery and other mesoscale features such as the Shikmona eddy (also anti-cyclonic). These patterns seemed to shift in space over the years of CYBO. Recently, glider-based observations of water properties have shed light on the detail of the Cyprus eddy and how it has evolved since 2009. In that year, an intense experiment using drifters, floats, a fleet of gliders, and ships showed unprecedented detail of the Cyprus eddy. Every year since, the eddy position has changed, and in some cases the core temperature and salinity have changed. This descriptive study motivates further study as to the dynamics governing both the formation, evolution of the eddy and its size and position.


Location: Kunsthalle Kiel
Address: Düsternbrooker Weg 1 24105 Kiel Germany

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