23-25 September 2013
GEOMAR East shore
Europe/Berlin timezone
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New insights on submarine flank volcano evolution from geomechanical characterization of marine sediments, west of Martinique Island, Lesser Antilles arc

Presented by Mrs. Sara LAFUERZA on 23 Sep 2013 from 16:15 to 16:30
Type: Oral presentation, full-paper
Track: Oral presentations


Onshore-offshore geophysical studies conducted on Martinique have identified major flank collapse events of Montagne Pelée that generated large submarine mass wasting deposits. Here, we evaluate the preconditioning factors involved in the deformation and failure of marine sediments related to volcano-flank collapse events. We use core logging, sedimentological and geotechnical data of the upper 200 meters of core at sites U1397, U1398, U1399 and U1400 drilled during the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) expedition 340, west of Martinique. We find that the low hydraulic conductivity of hemipelagic sediment causes low rates of dewatering of turbidites and tephra layers allowing excess pore fluid pressures to persist at depth. Overpressure generation was likely enhanced during major flank collapses, leading to low shear strength and subsequent deformation of large volumes of marine sediments, as found at Site U1400.


Location: GEOMAR East shore
Address: Wischhofstr. 1-3 / D-24148 Kiel
Room: Lecture Hall Geb. 8A

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